The Service

At C3 Revolution Church we have fun, welcome people and celebrate Jesus. Dress code is whatever you like (just not your birthday suit). We’re around 100 people at a service. During a service we’ll have 3 songs, a few notices and the message.  Service last for around an hour.  Before service, grab a cup of coffee.

Our Babies

We love parents and we know it’s often a challenge to come to church when you have a little one. Don’t stress. We love kids. We have a changing area to change those lovely smelling nappies and for hungry babies, we also have a feeding area. You also won’t miss the message as we have a speaker in the room as well for you. Score!

The Kids

We want your kids to grow up loving to go to church, so we make C3 Kids a place where every child can have a blast while learning about the Bible. We got arcade games, soft playgym toys, artificial grass and awesome teachers. All for Kids aged 3-9