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The Essentials

How will the classes run?

  1. Host: There will be an Emcee (the captain)
  2. Teachers: There will be 2 teachers (one for the 3-5yr old kids | one for the 6-9yr old kids)
  3. Venue: It will be held in one class but split into two groups when we do the lessons. One group uses the projector the other group uses the iPad in the back of the room.
  4. Together: We will do welcome, worship and Offering together. The Emcee will lead this.
  5. Lessons: The 3-5 year olds have the same lesson every week. The 6-9yr olds have the same theme but a different lesson every week.
  6. Material: Revolution will supply all the material and props.

The Emcee

It’s the Emcee’s responsibility to welcome and open in prayer. The Emcee hosts and the Teachers teach. Duties include:

  • Welcome Everyone.
  • Open in Prayer.
  • Start with Worship.
  • Play Rules video.
  • Play Offering Video.
  • Hand over to Teachers.

The Teachers

The teachers are responsible for the lesson & connecting with the kids. Duties include:

  • Watching the video.
  • Being prepared.
  • Doing the Activity.

Safari (3-5yrs)

A Voice In The Night

Start your day by praying to God, and talk and listen to Him ALL DAY LONG! Even if you go really far away or visit other places, He’s always listening. This message about Samuel will teach kids that God is always ready to talk with us.


  • Here is the link to the lessons: Link
  • Order of Experience: Link
  • Story Cards: Link


Adventure Books

  • Week 4 – 22 Jul: Link
  • Week 5 – 29 Jul: Link

Marvel (6-9yrs)

Grow Up!

When you make Jesus the leader of your life, you become a baby—spiritually speaking—whether you’re a kid or an adult. But kids and adults who choose to start following Jesus need to mature and grow. It’s not okay to stay a baby in your heart. Grow up for God, and be mature. Live like Him, every day, by turning your back on sin, whining, wrong thinking, selfish actions, and owning your own spiritual growth!

Week 4

Here is the link to the lessons: Link   Lesson 4/Week 4  | 22 Jul: Take Care Of Yourself

  1. Video
  2. Group Leaders Guide: Link
  3. Activity: Link

Week 5

Here is the link to the lessons: Link   Lesson 5/Week 5 | 29 Jul: No Stinking

  1. Video
  2. Group Leaders Guide: Link
  3. Activity: Link



Emcee, your goal is to get everything going and then to transition to the lessons for the teachers. You are the link between the teachers, the lessons and the kids.

Here is the order of service for Revolution Kids

  1. Welcome: Introduce yourself, welcome everyone and guests. Pitch to nitro for the rules (video)
  2. Nitro Rule Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg3r25GsHlg
  3. Giving: Recap rules quickly & go to offering
  4. Giving Video:
  5. Worship: Start worship
  6. Lessons: Transition to lessons. Let kids go to their different groups & let teachers teach.