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At Revolution Church Centurion | Pretoria | Midrand, we don’t stress membership – we emphasize participation. We are not a church of consumers and we encourage all who attend to actively participate in what God is doing at Revolution. We are looking for men, women and families who feel Jesus is calling them to do something extraordinary and build Revolution Church in Centurion | Pretoria | Midrand with us. Fill in the form below, let’s have a meal, go for a cappuccino or a beer and do this thing.


We are looking for men! The essence of masculinity is the taking of responsibility. It doesn’t matter how much beer you can drink, or how much meat you can eat, or how loud you can burp. That does not make you a man. A monkey can do that. A gorilla can do it even better than you. That doesn’t make you a man. We live in a day where masculinity is defined by some sort of ridiculous machismo. Ultimately, masculinity is about taking responsibility.

You may not be big. You may not be tough. You may not be able to win a thumb-wrestling match, let alone a cage fight. But if you take responsibility, you are a masculine man. We are looking for young men, who want to stand up and be counted. Young men who are taking responsibility for the city. Young men who want to work with Jesus and do something that matters! We are in a war and we need men who will take a stand and fight! If that’s you, please fill in the form below and let’s chat.



Ladies you are more than just a pretty face or a soft touch. You are more than the titles and tags people often place on you. No, you have a voice and Jesus has called you to make a difference. Women are vital to a healthy church and Revolution Church in Centurion | Pretoria | Midrand. In the Bible, it was the women who stuck by Jesus as he died on the cross. It was the women who discovered that Jesus rose from the dead and told the disciples. And it was the women who faithfully served in the early church in partnership with the apostles and elders.

The early church was radical in that it encouraged women to learn about theology and Jesus, encouraged them to serve and help build the church, and deemed women as equal image bearers of God, with distinct roles. Ladies to learn more about how you can get involved at Revolution Church in Centurion | Pretoria | Midrand please complete the form below and we’ll get in touch.


We value families. Family life is exciting and crazy at the same time. At Revolution Church in Centurion | Pretoria | Midrand we are looking for families who feel they want to make a difference in the city. Wether you are a single mum or dad or parents of 20 kids (wow), divorced, re-married, mixed, interracial or a new family, we’d love for you to join the team. Please complete the form if you are interested & let’s go for a coffee or have a meal.


Worship & AV

If you can sing, play an instrument, have a creative eye or have a good ear for sound please let us know.


Are you good with kids? Wether you are a parent or single we are looking for you. We have 3 age groups, 3-5, 6-9, 10-12.


These are ushers, hospitality and welcome team people. You love people and don’t mind getting involved.

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