Our Pastors.

Antwan & Joy Cronje.

Antwan is 34 and Joy is 30, but don’t let their age fool you. Even the Bible reminds us not to look down on people because of their age.

Antwan is a successful business-man as he has started company and is also the MD of another business in Pretoria. He has been in ministry since the age of 13 and Joy since the age of 16. Both of them have been involved in senior leadership positions in small, medium and very large churches, in South Africa and Internationally.

Antwan was on his way to the UK after he received a big offer to play rugby abroad. But, after a crazy encounter with Jesus, he left rugby and studied for his degree in Theology. He has also written a book since then. Joy has more of an artistic nature & Jesus has used her to help other woman grow in Jesus and help people encounter Him during worship.

They have been married for 10 years, have a beautiful 5-year-old princess and baby J who is in heaven.  Two years ago they left Australia after Jesus showed them to come back to South Africa, start a church and make a difference in our beautiful country.