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C3 Revolution Church Centurion.



As followers of Jesus we're set-free to live free. Unfortunately many of us don't live free from bad habits. In this series we'll look at how the 10 Commandments show us how to live free.

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Starts: 9am to 10am Kids: 3-9 years Nursery: 0-2 years


The vibe at C3 Revolution Church in Centurion is chilled. The service lasts for around an hour and everyone is welcome.

C3 Kids.

Kids come learn how awesome Jesus is. Every Sunday 9am. Ages 3 to 9 years.



At C3 Revolution Church Centurion, we’re not into politics, religious nonsense or perfection. Our vision is Jesus. We believe in Jesus and He is God.



Our mission at C3 Revolution Church in Centurion is people. We want to help you unleash your full potential. Whether you have tattoos, drink a beer, vape or don’t do any of it, we want you to come.


Our mission is to bring hope. Hope Revolution is our community upliftment initiative. As a Church, we have adopted a Creche where we love and support the kids and the teachers.